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Smartwrite is a simple app that fixes some common grammar mistakes and it also includes lessons. It is also currently in the process of being completely updated to something new: an entire ESL English course with lessons and quizzes to help people understand the English language. In development as of April 2017.

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Pending Approval

Life Points is a Yu-Gi-Oh! management app that lets you take control of your life points right from your wrist. with a very simple calculator for increasing or decreasing your life points, rolling a die, and flipping a coin, no duel is complete without Life Points. Life Points also includes Apple's built in taptic/sound feedback for a rich user experience.


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Chomp'd is a simple but yet difficult survival game. The objective of the game is to see how long players can keep their finger on the screen without letting any of the fish touch their finger. As the score increases, new fish appear. And to make it even more difficult, there is a purple piranha following the player's finger the whole time. How long can you last?

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Wall of Trump is a different kind of puzzle game. President Trump has began building his wall, and people have already started climbing it, but they're getting stuck! Use your finger to move the objects out of the way to help land everybody into the rescue truck to pass the level. If anybody falls on the ground, you lose. Can you save them all?


I'm Jose Ramirez, and there is nothing more that I love to do learn and write code. I mostly code in Swift as of 2014, but I first started with Objective-C back in 2013. I also know how to use VBA for automation and user forms with Excel, the basics of HTML and CSS, and recently started learning PHP and SQL. I also just started attending Dakota State University after transferring from The University of Texas at Dallas so I'm also learning C as part of the computer science curriculum.

If you have any comment, suggestion, question, or anything else, you can send me an email. Or maybe you want to know who I am and keep up with me, then my various social links are at the bottom of the page.

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