Purple Piranha Pip

Chomp’d, a simple survival game.

How long can you last?


Welcome to Jozemite Apps! My name’s Jose, and I’m a sole developer who enjoys programming for the iOS. I recently started learning SpriteKit, which is Apple’s library used to create 2D games. For now, I plan on making simple but yet addictive games for both the iPhone and the iPad. I’m also a graphic designer, web developer, and a teacher at heart.

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Chomp’d is a simple but yet difficult survival game. The objective of the game is to see how long players can keep their finger on the screen without letting any of the fish touch their finger. As the score increases, new fish appear. And to make it even more difficult, there is a purple piranha following the player’s finger the whole time.

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Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

You can discover over 20 different species of fish and unlock over 7 trophies! You can even compete in the leaderboards for the highest score or highest level. The level changes whenever there is a new fish that appears. Chomp’d works on any iPhone and iPad running iOS 9 or later.

For even more fun, you can upgrade the game for only $0.99 which will remove ads and unlock new content and features, such as special Pip Piranha outfits, backgrounds, and even access to new content whenever there is an update.



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Smartwrite was my first app ever. It was made in Objective-C and released in the spring of 2014. Since the introduction of Swift in the fall of 2014, I have since stopped supporting the app. The app converts the most common English mistakes into the correct form and it also comes with English lessons. I plan on redesigning the app in Swift, but not anytime soon.


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Primality was developed when I was learning Swift in the fall of 2014. It was only meant to be a test app that tested if the number you input was prime or not, but I then expanded it to give you all the numbers the number is divisible by, and even let you know which one of those numbers is prime.


If you have any comment, suggestion, question, or anything else, you can send me an email. If you have any ideas for Pip Piranha outfits or backgrounds, you can let me know too and I will make sure to credit you appropriately. Or maybe you want to know who I am and keep up with me, then my various social links are at the bottom of the page.

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